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Two students playing at the seesaw

The Primary Program is designed for three- to six-year-old children. This classroom offers a mixed age environment. There are many benefits to mixed age groups in the classroom. Younger children are motivated by the advanced work of their older peers, therefore, setting personal goals for his or her own self and working diligently to achieve those goals; older peers become leaders by setting the example and taking on leadership roles in the classroom, giving lessons and aiding younger students to achieve new skills. This also removes any preconceived notion that each child should achieve a specific skill at a specific age, but rather allows each child to move naturally through their phases of development, guided by the direction from within. We believe that each child will pass through each phase of development within a ‘timeframe’ rather than a specific month or year of life. The primary classroom is designed and prepared with all the materials and activities needed to meet the children’s needs during each phase of development — from the third year to the sixth year of life.

We allow children to be free, to demonstrate to us their strengths, weaknesses, or special interests during that phase of development. Then, teachers develop an individualized lesson plan to assist the child in building on personal strengths, overcoming weaknesses, and taking advantage of any ‘special interest’ that the student displays because we know, when the child is interested in doing something, they participate willingly.

Montessori teachers spend time observing students each day to note the need for repeat lessons or progress and mastery of activities. The individualized lesson plan is modified week to week, month to month, and year to year as the student’s development continues.

Teachers record lessons in our digital record keeping system and note observations about the classroom activities and specific students; then, reports are automated to parents daily so you will stay informed of your child’s experience in the classroom and important factors regarding their eating, napping, and toileting habits throughout the day. The record keeping system includes a parent portal for your convenience so that you can stay in direct contact with teachers and the administration about your child and his or her progress.