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Music in Montessori

We believe that every child has musical potential and is able to learn to express themselves through music when given the opportunity. Music activities are a respected learning activity in the Montessori classroom, just as any other subject matter. Teachers are supportive and encouraging of the child’s musical endeavors. Children learn with music, learn about music, and learn by music. Music is incorporated into the Montessori curriculum throughout the classroom environment as well as through music classes and Individual lessons.

Music classes, presented by a music specialist, take place in multi-aged group, and individual lessons are presented to children based on their level of interest and skill. Children are free to practice music daily during Montessori work time each day.

The music curriculum emphasizes music literacy, singing, movement, listening, and the playing of instruments. Ear training is developed beginning in early childhood through sound exploration with Montessori bells, tone bars and other Montessori music equipment.